Cultural Life of Prague

‘All roads lead to Prague’… If to paraphrase a well-known phrase, we can describe this wonderful and unusual town in such a way. All those who want to find themselves in a fairy tale come here. In Prague everyone can see the world’s heritage with their own eyes and become closer to the art. There are many different museums and theaters of ancient times in the city, and they can hardly be visited in one day. That’s why it is better to take an advantage of car rental in Prague to save precious time.

Czech National Theater
Having rented a car in Prague, you are strongly advised to start from the Czech National Theater. It is located right in the heart of the city and is considered to be the largest and the most famous theater in the country. Moreover, the very building is a monument of architecture. Even if there is no chance to dig a performance, you can easily take a picture of the theatre on the amazing background. This is truly special in the evening, when the building is highlighted. By the way, that ancient monument of culture and architecture has its own long history. Thus, the performances have been staged there since 1881. But in the same year there was a fire that destroyed the stage, the hall and the dome. But the people of Prague united and collected donations of million zlotys just for 47 days! The Project slogan sounded the following: “The nation does it for the sake of itself”. And in 1883 there was a grand opening. From 1976 to 1983 the building was reconstructed and expanded. Nowadays it has the Estate’s and Kolovrat’s branches.

Puppet Theatre
Also you need to visit the Spable & Gurvink Theater. Although it is located close to the Metro terminal station Dejvicka, the best solution is to rent a car. Then you will travel non-stop and get stuck in no subway transfers. By the way, many puppet characters were filmed in various cartoons.

Opera Theater
Do not forget about the Opera House too! The most amazing thing is that you can enjoy either opera or ballet.

‘Zabradli’ Theater
It is located close to the Karlovy Bridge in the center of the city. The strange word ‘zabradli’ is translated more than simply, that is ‘handhold or safety rail’. So, literally, it’s called ‘against the railing.’

‘Black’ Theater
When looking for something unusual, hurry up to buy tickets to the ‘Black House.’ All performances here are based on the play of light and darkness and are rather unusual: unrecognizable objects, mysterious actors, sudden appearance of the characters, flying over the scene. But no need to worry, as you do not know the Czech language! Their performances will be readily understood without any words.
Well, each theater of old Prague will amaze you not only due to its performances, but also due to unbelievable decoration, interesting history and unique atmosphere.