Czech Castles: Tourist Notes

The Czech Republic is a country with long history and rich culture that is also famous for its great architectural heritage. There are over 2,500 castles in the Czech Republic, and visiting all of them during a single trip is simply an impossible task. Yet, if you plan on travelling to this country, you’d better include some of the greatest castles that used to belong to Czech kings and noble people.
The majority of medieval castles preserved perfectly until today. They are also quite easy to get to using car rental in Prague. Some of the most popular tourist attractions are Křivoklát Castle, Rožmberk nad Vltavou, Kutná Hora, Zvíkov Castle, and more. We’ve put together our own rating of five best places to visit in the Czech Republic that are highly recommended.

Křivoklát Castle
Křivoklát Castle is located just 50 kilometers from Czech capital and is known as one of the oldest castles in the county. The first reference of this building dates back to 1109: Cosmas of Prague described it in his “Chronicle of Bohemians” as a small dark structure that served as prison and hunting residence.
A large library that belonged to the Furstenberg clan, a 15th century gothic style chapel, a large king’s room, and dreadful prison cells with an exhibition of medieval torture devices are all well-preserved till modern days.

Konopište Castle
This castle with seven towers is certainly one of the most beautiful ones in the Czech Republic. Built in French style, it is well-known for its luxurious interior décor, furniture and tapestries, as well as for its extensive collection of glass and porcelain. Konopište also offers the biggest collection of unique medieval weapons and hunting trophies in the whole Europe.

Orlik Castle
Orlik is a romantic castle made of white stone built in the 13th century on a steep bank of Vltava River. It has high crenellated towers and it visually resembles an eagle’s nest. The surrounding area offers visitors a deep pond and a beautiful park.

Hluboká Castle
An oddly shaped Hluboká Castle is often regarded as one of the most beautiful places in the Czech Republic. Built in the 13th century, it offers impressive luxurious interior with exquisite artwork: porcelain pieces, Venetian mirrors, crystal chandeliers, hundreds of rare books, and a magnificent collection of paintings. This historical monument is also a popular location for wedding ceremonies.

Český Krumlov
Český Krumlov is one of the largest castle complexes in Europe. It offers a huge territory with forty buildings and five luxurious stand-apart palaces located around a huge park. The Museum of Český Krumlov offers country’s largest collections of Renaissance and Baroque art.

Of course, these are not all Czech castles worth visiting. Every building is unique, so you will surely find something particularly attractive and amazing about each one of them. Visit the Czech Republic, learn more about the glorious history of this country and get carried away by its numerous ancient monuments.