The Most Popular Souvenirs in the Czech Republic

Today no trip is complete without a purchase of souvenirs and gifts, which can become pleasant memories of staying in a particular country. Selection of souvenirs in the Czech Republic boggles the imagination: from inexpensive but memorable gifts and honeyed nothings, to luxury and solid goods.

Undoubtedly, the main Czech souvenir is considered to be beer that can be bought not only in shops and bars, but during independent tours by car (order a car rent) around the brewing plants. Also, glasses with brand logos and beer mugs are very popular among tourists. Those who love stronger drinks buy nastoika ‘Becherovka’, liqueur ‘Fernet’, red wine ‘Frankovka’, vodka ‘Slivovitz’ and the ancient Czech drink made from honey and yeast ‘medovina’, which has an excellent taste and will be surely enjoyed not only by men, but ladies. And, of course, the famous ‘demon drink’ – 70-degree emerald green absinthe, made on the basis of wormwood. This drink can be considered either a souvenir brought back from a trip, or a perfect gift, as well as a very informative and fascinating encyclopedia of beer in an expensive decoration. The happy gifter will be able to learn some interesting facts and stories about the Czech beer, which would give him/her the opportunity to shine wit in any company later.

If you decide to go to Karlovy Vary, you should definitely buy the famous crystal and glassware of ‘Moser’, which is famous for its special sparkle and transparency. However, while buying vases or glasses, keep the receipt by all means. Maybe, you’ll need it for customs control as a proof that the products are not antique. Besides, china and porcelain wall clocks are to be no less reputable gifts from Karlovy Vary.

Speaking of sweet tooth in the literal sense, they will appreciate stunningly delicate and fragrant wafers in a beautiful gift box, especially from Karlovy Vary. As for the fans of unusual gifts, they will definitely appeal to a luxury parchment rose that is placed in a thermal spring. Then the salted flower becomes brown, as if made of granite.

The best gift for fashionistas will be a hat from a factory ‘Tonak’, located in a small provincial town of Novy Jicin. Actually, they have been sewing hats since the end of the 16th century! And, of course, any woman would hardly resist the garnet decorations and fashion jewelry of the Czech factory ‘Preciosa’, which has earned its elite status for ages.

And finally, the smallest travelers will be delighted with the teddy mole – the world famous cartoon character, invented and created by Czech animator Zdenek Miller in 1950s. Fabulous tin soldiers and wooden nutcrackers, porcelain dolls and puppets in traditional costumes will amaze any child, while the paints and crayons of famous ‘Koh-i-nor’ will be appreciated both by children and professional artists!