Prague Wedding: Tips and Recommendations

A city made for romance: tips and advice for couples planning to have their wedding in Prague.

Prague is simply made for love and romance. Even Paris succumbs to its romantic charms. Love is all over: in every alley, park and garden. A piece of advice: before planning a wedding every young couple should first consider visiting the city as tourists. Even a single day will be enough to get the feel of Prague and fall for its unmatchable charm.

This introductory tour will also help you to choose places you would want to see during the most important day of your lives. You can make a try-out wedding photo-shoot, learn more about the city and figure out how the actual ceremony might shape up.

What Are the Best Wedding Venues?
There is a great variety of wedding venues to every taste to select from. For traditional wedding, there are lots of impressive castles in and around Prague, Victorian, or small and comfy churches, etc. Yet, there are many venues for a modern-day ceremony as well. Isn’t it romantic to have the first kiss as legitimate spouses on the Charles Bridge? This moment will be something you are going to remember for the rest of your lives.
After the ceremony you can take a promenade along the Old Town Square. It features a cozy town hall building with figures of the Apostles dancing in the windows. Near the building one can always enjoy a pleasant trumpet melody which helps to make this square one of the most romantic places in the whole city. Walking along its pavement as newlyweds you will travel in time a few centuries back and completely break away from your ordinary modern routine.

Guest list
It is not necessary to invite all of your relatives and friends. Make a guest list that contains only the closest family members and bridesmaids; and don’t forget to contract a photographer! Would-be spouses will be the center of attention: each Prague citizen will wish them good luck and family well-being making them feel a truly royal couple.

Rules for marriage registration in the Czech Republic
Keep in mind the country has two forms of marriage registration: civil and ecclesiastical. Civil registering authorities do not regard ecclesiastical registration as valid and vice versa.
Foreigners who are not permanent residents of the Czech Republic can register their marriage in a registry office of any Administrative District.
If someone of the future spouses can’t speak fluent Czech, an interpreter must be present at the ceremony.

Most likely, a single wedding day won’t be enough to see the whole city. Therefore, it is a great idea to leave your guests behind for some time after the wedding. Use car rental in Prague to make a mini-tour through the wonderful city and its amazing surroundings. Remember, this city reveals its innermost secrets only in private.