Sightseeing in Prague

It should be said at once – you cannot observe Prague in parts. Everyone should wander around this city, exploring the surrounding shops, strolling into the back alleys and visiting numerous museums. Of course, this may take more than one week, but it’s worth it. However, our typical visit of Prague is limited to a few days. So, you should concentrate on the main tourist routes of this ancient city. We recommended to you to use rental cars in Prague from our company to enjoy all of its beauty with us!

Prague Castle

The most exciting attractions are located in the district known as ‘Prague 1’. One of the most visited tourist destinations starts at the Powder Tower. Along the way, you can go through the famous Karl’s Bridge, get off at the Old-local square and walk up to the Prague Castle. You can hardly be able to walk along this road slowly, as it is always crowded. The final destination is the castle, which should be given much more attention. It will be better if you have a whole day at your disposal, just to explore the Europe’s largest castle. So, the most interesting sight in its territory is the Cathedral of St. Vitus, one of the tallest buildings of old Prague. Its image is often seen on souvenirs like postcards, booklets and magnets. Interestingly, but the Castle is the current residence of the Czech Republic President. Despite this fact, tourists and officials do not interfere with each other. The entrance to the castle could be blocked only during official visits of the heads of other states. The admission to the territory of the Prague Castle is free, but you will have to pay for the visit to the museum.

Old Town

In order to get into the spirit of truly medieval Prague, it is necessary to wander along confusing streets of the Old Town around the square near the city hall. You can’t but easily get lost here, because there is no map to describe the cobweb of those narrow streets. As for navigators, they helplessly lose the signal because of thick stone house walls. However, there is nothing wrong with that, of course. This walk should be seen as an adventure, a sort of an imaginable movement in the past. More so, numerous pubs, which are located here and there in the bystreets, will only contribute to the feeling. Many of these guesthouses are owned by the whole families. So, the beer is brewed according to the secret recipes that pass down from generation to generation. By the way, to have just one jug of beer and not to ask for the second is treated as if disliking the drink. This will offend the hosts.

City Hall

To be exact, one should orientate at the city hall tower when getting out of the labyrinths of the Old Town. By the way, you can look down at the streets you’ve already wandered in trying to find a way out. To do it, just climb the city hall tower in a special elevator. The main attraction of the city hall building is the Astronomical Clock of the 14th century. Crowds of tourists usually stare at it and here’s why – every hour before the chimes a little performance with the clockwork figures takes place.
What’s more, there are many historical buildings near the City Hall. In fact, they have been preserved since the 10th century.

Attractions near Prague

Almost every ancient town around the capital is of historical value itself. Therefore, it is worth mentioning only the most visited places.The Gothic castle, situated on a hill about 30 kilometers from Prague – Karlstejn – was built in the 14th century. Nowadays, these royal apartments have turned into a museum, where you can see jewels of the royal people and many old paintings. Here is a branch of the famous Prague’s wax museum. Nearly 30 km to the north of Prague you can visit a fashionable wine restaurant. This is the center of Czech winemaking town – Melnik. The grapes have grown there since the 13th century. Here you can see the Prague Gate, City Hall, the medieval church of Peter and Paul.