The Toll Roads in the Czech Republic

The toll roads exist in every European country and the Czech Republic is not an exception to the rules. When you plan a trip by car to this incredible European country, you should know some peculiarities of driving along the toll roads. These are usually highways, where the permissible speed limit is no more than 130 km per hour. Generally, the highways have no less than two one-way moving traffic lanes. Surely, there are also free roads – if you are pressed for money, you can select these roads. However, the toll roads are more comfortable and you will get your destination faster.

Before travelling to this country, you should know the rules about paying for the usage of the toll roads. If your trip goes through the toll roads, watch out for buying of special vignettes. A vignette (Dálniční známka) is a sticker, which consists of two parts. In both parts a driver indicates a license plate number of the car. The first part must be stuck on the inside of a windscreen. The second part a driver must show to the police in case of a control-check.

Each driver must buy this sticker when he crosses the border of the country. Police frequently check the existence of vignettes – if you haven’t bought it in advance, you will be mulcted a certain sum (usually it is 1000-5000 CZK).

There are several types of vignettes:

Each driver, whose vehicle has a permissible total weight 3.5 tones, must purchase vignettes. If you travel by motorcycle, you are not made to obtain these ‘stickers’.

Drivers can purchase vignettes almost in every fuel filling station, post office or small kiosk. It is always better and more profitable to buy vignettes in the official salespoints. If you have never been to this country earlier and face the necessity to buy vignettes first, take into account that when you buy it from resellers, you may be cheated. You can either overpay or face the false vignette (in such a way your long-awaited trip will be spoiled).

If you prefer a rented vehicle, you should ask in advance whether this vehicle has a special vignette. It stands to mention that a large portion of the vehicles already have a vignette, stuck on the windscreen. Generally, each Czech company, offering auto rental knows all rules of vignette obligation. However, if you travel the world by car and the Czech Republic is one of your points of destination, this information will be very useful. If you know everything in advance, you will avoid mulcts and save money.