Visiting Prague with Children: Places for Family Recreation

The Czech Republic is a truly perfect country for family vacations, as there is a lot to see here and where to rest for both adults and children. So, where to go with the child, being on vacation in the Czech Republic? In the first place, you should visit the Prague Botanical Garden, particularly, a surprising greenhouse ‘Fata Morgana’, as well as zoos and aquaparks. No doubt, these and those attractions will be admired not only by young tourists, but adults too.

Zoo in Prague
Of course, young animal lovers will enjoy visiting the Prague Zoo, where the children will learn about amazing animals brought from all over the world. Who knows, maybe your own child can make friends with some little animal? Anyway, every visitor is welcomed to see impassable Indonesian jungles, the African pavilion, and a terrarium with a variety of rare animal species. But the most surprising thing about the Zoo is that anyone can become ‘a foster parent’ or an official sponsor of the favorite animal. To do this, you are to pay a nominal amount of 3.5 Euros, and your name will be seen to everyone throughout the whole following year on the aviary plate! In summer, you can easily get here either by taking the advantage of car rental in Prague or going by a regular riverboat. In addition, the Zoo offers night tours in the warm season; so the visitors can observe the life of those animals that prefer to sleep during daylight hours.

Botanical Garden
Someone will say, “What’s unusual to see in the park complex, except flowers and trees?” You know, the Prague Botanic Garden has nothing in common with what you may think initially. This is not likely the primitive and fanciful collection of rare plants, which are cared after by professionals. That is the place where the visitors can admire the unique and one of a kind floral sun clock, for example. In addition to the main park, there are ‘live’ complexes on its vast territory, due to which you’ll be transported to Japan or Turkey. And if desired, you can observe a legendary vineyard of Santa Clara, which has been considered a national heritage of the Czech Republic for many years.

Fata Morgana
Still, a greenhouse ‘Fata Morgana’ is the main attraction of the Prague Botanic Garden and the pride of all Praguers. Its giant glass dome ‘has hidden’ a variety of plants brought from the most remote corners of the planet. By visiting this greenhouse, you can either plunge into the world of tropics and subtropics, or admire really rare, exotic flowers and shrubs, as well as beautiful butterflies and naughty fish, playing in the artificial pond.

Aquapark in Prague
Finally, if your child is accustomed to stay active, it may be advisable to enjoy the fantastic world of the largest aquapark in Europe called ‘Water Palace’, located a few kilometers from Prague. It consists of three separate buildings, each of which is an embodiment of some fabulous idea. For example, the Residence of aquatic adventures is designed for adventure and fun lovers. Here are numerous waterslides, 6 toboggan-slides, artificial river and what not! The Palace of rest means complete relaxation, as there is a large number of hot tubs, a swimming pool of 20-meter length, and a special glass tube of 8-meter depth for scuba diving at the guests’ disposal. The palaces are connected with each other by a large external area with artificial river, sun loungers on the beach, the bar and attractions for children.
We offer you to follow all the recreation routes by our car to visit the attractions together with your children!