To enjoy your driving in Prague you should know some specific features of its parking spaces. The center of this city has 3 kinds of zones for parking:blue, orange,. More »
It should be said at once – you cannot observe Prague in parts. Everyone should wander around this city, exploring the surrounding shops, strolling into the back alleys and. More »
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Today no trip is complete without a purchase of souvenirs and gifts, which can become pleasant memories of staying in a particular country. Selection of souvenirs in the Czech. More »
Theaters ‘All roads lead to Prague’… If to paraphrase a well-known phrase, we can describe this wonderful and unusual town in such a way. All those who want to. More »
The toll roads exist in every European country and the Czech Republic is not an exception to the rules. When you plan a trip by car to this incredible. More »
In order to help our customers to avoid unpleasant situations while car rental we want to provide information about the permissible norms of alcohol while driving in the EU. More »
The Czech Republic is a truly perfect country for family vacations, as there is a lot to see here and where to rest for both adults and children. So,. More »
A city made for romance: tips and advice for couples planning to have their wedding in Prague. Prague is simply made for love and romance. Even Paris succumbs to. More »
The Czech Republic is a country with long history and rich culture that is also famous for its great architectural heritage. There are over 2,500 castles in the Czech. More »